Fiber Fests, Gingers, and Sunshine

It was a weekend for fiber and sunshine here in the Big Sky state! Some friends and I went to Crazy Days in downtown Bozeman Friday afternoon and made out like bandits with yarn from Stix.

We then carpooled early Saturday morning over to just outside of Whitehall for the Copper K fiber festival. We got there early enough for a good parking spot and to enjoy strolling around the festival before it got too hot. If you noticed the trio of ladies wearing the big floppy hats with flowers, that was us. Stacy got to try out latch hook things, and both Stacy and Michelle got some spindles and roving. We then beat feet over to the farmer’s market there in Whitehall proper  – after a yard sale pit stop – to visit the Hutterite stall and then picnic in the park. Well, our picnic turned into an impromptu drop spinning lesson for Michelle, as Stacy and I convinced her to turn to the spinning side (not that we actually had to convince very hard).
As I had not, I worked on my sock. I will get this second one done . . . someday.
Today I want to say I am recovering, but I went and made a batch of Spiced Bourbon Peach Butter (link goes to my food blog) this morning, and now I am contemplating what I am going to be making from my haul of yarn from Friday, with The Rose Goblin graciously helping me show it off.
I know they are are going to be lightweight shawls, but what patterns am I going to use? Hello Ravelry, my old friend . . .

DPN vs Circ Sock Battle

Okay, not battle exactly, but what I have experienced with first wooden DPNs, then metal DPNs, and then circulars while on my first and second pairs of socks.

I started mt first sock in Patton’s sock yarn, color Clover, in  . . . . April? Beginning of April. I already had the yarn, cast on with wooden size 1/2.25mm double pointed needle. It was okay – the wood has a good grip on the yarn, but between my cat and my own clumsiness, two needles were down. Though I technically had enough to carry on with the sock, I bought a set of Addi Flip Stix, same size as my wooden set. Flip Stix have a blunt end, and a more pointed end. I liked them right from the start. Being metal they are more sliding around but when I am knitting fast, that is what I want. Transporting them is more difficult because of said sliding though. Some sheep point protectors cured that.

A few weeks ago, I finished my first pair of socks and started on my second. A friend knitting her first pair of socks recommended 9″ circulars, as that is what she was using and zipping along. So I decided to give a go. I LOVE them. Love love love love. It took some getting used to the small circs? But I am already on the heel of one sock and almost to the heel of the other. DPNs are still needed for said heel, but it is going quite well.

Foggy Morning + Knitting

This morning my husband start a fire going in our wood stove, so by the time I woke up, it was going good. To top my morning off, the coffee is still hot and fog is thick enough in my neck of the woods that I can barely see the tops of the mountains. Looks a bit Silent Hill-like between the houses. These are my favorite mornings.

In knitting news, last night I turned my first heal on my first knitted sock, and started the gusset. Even better? The ladies at Open Knit Night said I had done it right – and I cannot tell you how excited I am. All the socks!!! They may become Yule and Christmas presents . . next year.

I am using Patons Kroy FX sock yarn, in Clover. While I didn’t want to break out the super nice sock yarn for my first couple pairs of socks? I really like this yarn, and will probably use it a lot more. The pattern is Churchmouse Classics – Basic Sock. I really like this pattern so far, as it is more of a sock recipe, and that is awesome.

Works in Progress, and Better Sock Experiments

Current sock experiment. I am using this pattern, and am having a lot of success with it. So far.I think I may just need to do cuff down (what I’m doing now) instead of toe up like the last great sock experiment.

After frogging this cowl-to-be a few times, I finally settled on a pattern. This is the first pattern I bought via Ravelry – Imprint of Autumn Scarf. Once you get the counting your stitches down, and using a chainless starting double crochet, you’re good to go.

Pattern I found at Yarn Scout – after it is blocked, you will see more of a lace pattern. Simple, but pretty. This will be for a friend.

Another simple but pretty pattern, another scarf I am making for a friend. This one I can actually post! All you do is cast on a multiple of 4. plus 2. Knit two. Knit one using the back of the loop, purl one. repeat until last two stitches, knit 2. Turn, repeat.

Failed Sock Experimentation and Other Things

Wow, has it been a busy year! Now that things have quieted down from the wedding, I feel I actually have time to blog again!

First up, I finally finished the Steelers chevron infinity scarf!

I started it last football season, but it fell by the wayside until this year. Thankfully, I was able to finish it in time to give it to my co-worker in time for her to wear it for some games.

Next, we have the mostly done super gay, ahem, rainbow cowl that isn’t a cowl yet.

Please note, I still need to block the crap outta it, Ntm attach the ends.

And last, but not least, failed sock experiments.

These were crochet from the toe up, and are honestly only a semi fail. Well, kind of. There are lumpy bits where I joined the heel, and it is really more of a slipper. Ish. It is quite saggy on my foot, amd my feet are not exactly small. So . . . . There will be my socks I wear over my socks because warmth.

I will be experimenting more on the sock front, btw, my friend, The Crochet Bohemian, is sending me her sock pattern. Yay!