In Which I Make a Tulip Tree Scarf

The creator of this pattern has requested that the pattern not be re-posted, but it can be linked back, found here.Top two pictures were were taken at work, whilst listening to bits of No Sleep podcast on breaks. They are also accurate for color.

 The skein grows ever smaller.

 And ever smaller, however, I’ve already tied off the scarf. What’s a woman to do?

Make a matching mug hug, of course!


The Most Autumn Yarn to Ever Autumn

So, I went around to every place that sold size 10 crochet thread, looking for dark brown cotton thread, and not finding it. I found size 3, but not 10. In my gr over this, Eric pointed out this yarn.

Is this not the most Autumn yarn to ever Autumn?! So what to I do? Make a coffee cup cozy.

New Year! New Projects!

So, due to technical difficulties, namely my itty bity laptop all but going tits up, my posts had I had scheduled for Christmas did not happen. (I have commandeered my boyfriend’s for the time being – mwahahahaha) I do have a picture that was left on my camera though –

This is  a coffee coozy/mug hug I made for my Boss for Christmas. She really has a thing for pink and yellow. Like, I cannot tell you how much she likes pink and yellow and tasteful girly. I aced it.

New project  –

I am starting the Holly King. Due to it’s size and my tendency to squirrel, I think this project will take me a few years. Ergo, do not expect a lot to happen to this right now.When I am finally done with thi piece, I will frame it and put it on my alter, as a representation piece.

I am also working on covering a bunch of Altoids tins in embroidery, and either using as is, or gluing some thin magnets to the insides and tada! Needle case.

Coffee Cozie(s)

So. I’ve been doing a lot of coffee cozies lately. And thought most of them haven’t exactly failed, they weren’t what I was looking for. Until this –

I, in my not-so-humble-opinion, think this yarn epitomizes fall, including Halloween with the purple (and I’ve only been able to find it at JoAnn’s).

To makes this, use a size H (5mm) hook, ch 11, singles stitch all rows until you reach about 27-30. Sew ends together. The crown/notacrown on top is 2dc, ch2, 2dc, all in one stitch. Skip a couple, and do it again.

Note – you can do the crowny/pointy bits on the bottom as well, however, unless you really want a rather large cozy, instead of ch 11, ch 7 or 9, ish.