Cabling Weekend

This weekend we went up to visit my parents outside of Great Falls, and on the way up I started Grace Hat by Brome Fields.  This is my first time cabling – right outside of Ulm too. 

And I frogged it. Mind you, it is only because the hat ended up being too small. So I have re-started it, and am almost done. For a 24″ head? Add in two more cable sets, at 6 stitches each, 12 stitches.


I learned a thing!


Autumn Blessings – Flour Sack Towel

So, in October I took a break from yarn for a weekend and made this flour sack towel –

I enjoyed the break, and want to make more (because presents). It was originally supposed to be a framed bit, but I liked the idea of making it into a flour sack towel even more. You can find the pattern and download it for free here. The download even includes DMC thread numbers, which I used as well. Honestly, the only different thing I did on purpose was the pumpkin top. In their version it is brown, but I though there was too little green.

Autumn Mornings with Knitting

On my porch, enjoying a hot cuppa. Not that I am knitting

anything exciting. ;P I just want to replace some wash

cloths we have had to toss into the rag bin.

A bush in our yard, I love taking pictures of it every year,

though I can never seem to capture the colors just right.

We have several aspens in our yard. Same are turning in big splashes

of color, this one in drops and dabbles here and there.

5 Days 5 Shawls Days 3,4,&5

Sorry! Completely forgot to post the rest of the week! I squirreled over another project – no surprised, I am sure.

 Day 3. I kept missing this one yo, and frogging it until I

gave up and just went with it. In the end I only missed one yo,

right there to the right of the middle. Not a bad shawl.

Day 4. The only thing keeping my going on this shawl was

the encouragement from the Facebook group for the challenge.

It was the biggest pain in my ass. Note – use a smaller circular

needle to start. Or go to DPNs.

I really liked this one. Simple, sweet. I would totally

do this one again. Maybe with a variegated skein or two.

5 Days, 5 Mini Shawls – Day 1

{football spike my knitting needles} At least, that is how I feel. I learned a couple new things today – how to Garter cast on, and how to place and use stitch markers. Though you are only supposed to knit for 30 minutes, it took me about 45 to learn the cast on method properly . . . and find my stitch markers. I never did find my bloody markers, so I ended up raiding my jewelry making supplies and found some round bits of appropriate size. Ish. Then realized that they were too big, so changed them out for the smaller ones I already grabbed. Just in case. Quite frankly, after I FINALLY got going, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I memorized the pattern after a couple rows. Though I am not completely convinced that I cast on correctly, (as my mini shawl is a bit more rounded at the bottom rather than pointed), but it turned out alright. I can see me making this again, quite possible for a gift too.

The smaller ones near the end I actually liked better.

Gratuitous Rose Goblin Picture. She flopped onto my lap

for cuddles and attention in the middle of the project.

Of course.

I used Carron Simply Soft and 5mm bamboo needles.

End project, blocked.

Alpaca Your Wrap in Vista Update

Look at the colors! I think this wrap is turning out quite well, and can’t wait for it to be finished! Granted, it is already getting to be rather hot here, at least too hot for wraps, but by the time I have finished it should be closer to fall! (yay!) It also helps? Doesn’t help? That I had originally only bought one skein of the Wisdom Poems Sock yarn in Vista. . . because I was going to make . . . socks. {whistles} So, currently waiting on the skein I ordered earlier this week, as it should give me the about 800 yrds (ish) I need for the pattern. Since I am using a lighter weight AND smaller hook, I may get another skein anyways, depending on how the two work out. We’ll see.