VIKING! Headcovering – Scarf

A year-Ish ago, I whacked my hair off, thus starting The Great Headcover Search. I did some research, and came across the greatest treasure of all, a woman who had already done a great deal of research and posted it and her experiments on her blog. So I chose one and went with it, it being a VIKING! head scarf.

As there were no measurements, with some help I cut out about what we thought it should be, and I went from there. Using a hem folding method and a lot of pins, I tacked down the edging with a loose running stitch, and decorated the edging, and properly hemmed it with the herringbone stitch. As I had never done this stitch before, I had to look up directions, found here.

Also on this page/blog is the tacked herringbone stitch. There are two ways to do the tacked herringbone stitch, I chose the slightly simpler way, as I am pressed for time (as in the event I’ll be wearing this for is this coming Saturday – the Feast of Saint Valentine’s).

I had some difficulty with the corner, but got it straightened out. As you can see, I only crossed the stitch once, instead of twice. I think it turned out quite nicely, despite the slight crookedness of a new stitch.


Fake Viking Brooches

Earlier this summer, for my Shire’s summer event, I went Viking!. (Because I could) However, Viking! brooches are a little out of my price range at the moment. What is a Viking! woman to do?

Raid Micheal’s.

No, seriously.

The pins, super glue, and pendants I bought at Micheal’s. The pendants come brooches were only $.99.

I may or may not have bought them out, as they came in both the gold above, and silver.

There was also squealing. Maybe.

So. Remember – thriftiness can lead to genius.

See? Awesomeness.

Mini projects, updates & ideas

So, I finished the embroidery part of the Altoid tin needle case. Now, I just need to get myself to the store to get proper adhesive. Note – super glue is not proper adhesive. I learned this the hard way. (This time I asked some of my crafty friends and my Grandma – the winner is a spray-on thing).

 Remember the Guild project I was talking about? This is part of it. When it is done, it will be a bag.

I was inspired by this wee bitty Altoids tin for putting together a sewing kit for auction – like Kingdom travel fund, or for our local group.  I’ll embroider a bit for the top, like I am the larger one, bit this will be just needles. We’ll see what actually comes of this . . . later.

Mini projects – lucet. I have recently taught myself how to ‘properly’ lucet with two colors.  (before, I was just winding both around like you would one, and that isn’t quite as neat and coordinated as this is.) I have done lucet with one color on one side, and the other on the other side, but I like this better.

Tin cover and Guild bits

So, I am part of an embroidery guild in the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Silver Needle Embroidery Guild. We are not formal right now, as there are only a few of us, but as we grow, maybe.

Yesterday was our first meet-up. It was wonderful! We spent several hours at Hastings partaking of the wonderful coffees therein and stitching. Our Guild Mistress gave out projects to work on, though I had brought one with me. (more on that project later)

I started my Altoids tin cover, or at least, the first one. My progress so far –

No, this isn’t historical in the least, or even researched, however, I think it would make a good gifting thing for someone on the go. Big enough to hold scissors, a few needle, and some embroidery floss. Or, to organize one’s sewing basket. I have a tin holding a bunch of buttons right now. So. We’ll see.

New Project – Needle Holder

So, sometime last year at fighter practice, someone was talking about how they took a used Altoids can and but thin magnets in the bottom and embroidered a bit and fitted it to the top and made it all pretty-fied. I thought this was a bloody genius idea (having many such tins myself) and decided to make one. That one failed. Miserably. Embroidery was nice, but the glue I used I will not use again for that purpose . . . . it was . . . . well, it was a first attempt. Yay learning experience? So . . . I have worked up the gumption to make another try. I am only on the embroidery right now, but here is what I have so far – 

The colors. Dark & light green – leaves,

 med bright blue – roses, dark teal & orange – fox/wolf, grey – moon.

Still in debate over the background, but leaning towards black.

The designs I finally settled on.

And what I have embroidered so far.

Purse Thing

I’m really big on technical terms, honest. So, I had this idea the other day for a bag/purse/little fabric container or use in the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism).

I started off with the idea to make the lines a quarter inch apart . . . yeah, no.

The silver is where I corrected myself. Now half an inch.

Flap side.

F-side completely back stitched.

Pearl experimentation. I was going to put a pearl at every cross, again, no.

I think it would be too much, at least for my tastes, and decided this looked better.