Weekend Knitting

It is just exhausting chasing those squirrels, so October helped me get started

with the #LOUDER hat I am working on.

It was only sunny for a bit, so I took full advantage of it and sat in the shade

with my knitting and audio book.

Further proof of sunlight.


Toadstool Shawl – Finished!

I just looked back on here, and apparently I never did write a post about my first Toadstool Shawl like a I thought I did. Ahem. So.


I used the All Shawl pattern by Doris Chan. Same one that I used for my Wedding Shawl. I really do like it, and will most likely be using it again.

Not a Noro Scarf

I have been inspired by The Noro Scarf I have been seeing around the blogosphere, however, I do not feel like using Noro. Instead, I decided to use Painted Sky – another nice multicolored yarn. I think I have Steel Blue and Green.

Tea this afternoon is Half and Half – an Arnold Palmer thing – while I

wind one skein, and frog and then wind the other.

Gratuitous Rose Goblin picture – cuddling with the Green ball.

Listening to a podcast while enjoying the sun, and knitting, of course.

The project so far. I really like how it looks mildly oceanic, the green and slightly teal strips

going on. You can almost see it changing colors up top to purple and tan.


My Rose Goblin

If you’ve ever read Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series, you get this. If you haven’t read them, you should.

So, my boyfriend and I got a cat late this fall. She is what is called a Lynx Point Siamese, aka – a tabby/Siamese mix. Her name is Selene, aka Squeakers the moon kitthay/the rose goblin.

Hiding is the roses when we first brought her home. She was a barn kitty.

Claiming Not The Momma’s shoulder for a rest.

Being a heat seeking kitty and curling up between Mom’s legs.

Hiding behind the roses, which we had to put chicken wire around so she’d stop using them as a litter box.