The Promise of Daffodils

This weekend we spent at my husband’s family’s cabins – Deer Creek Cabins – continuing spring maintenance and post winter cleaning. On one of my jaunts around, I noticed the daffodils came back again. The glacier lilies have sprouts up every where as well. I predict that they will mostly bloom around Mother’s Day.

In further news, I finished the hat I was working on for my Dad – the #LOUDER – as he is a big Sea Hawks fan.  I know little about sportsball all the things, but I think he will like this.I messed up a little bit on the on the Beastquake bit, but if you weren’t comparing it to the graph, I don’t think you’d notice.

The Fuck It Hat

A friend and I want to learn how to do stranded color work while knitting, so she urged me to actually make a hat that has been in my Ravelry Library for a while – The Fuck It Hat, by Not A Lazy Suzen.

I used Schoppel-Wolle for both the grey and variegated yarn. As this is my first stranded knitting project, there are some things I had problems with, and some things I am not sure how to fix. However, I did know enough to realize that the first incarnation of this hat I had to frog, as it was all puckered – that will not block out and means I had one or both of the yarns too tight.

Cabled Cowl Inspired by Grace Hat in Sutton West End

I decided that since I have a hat, I needed a cowl to match it. (I wear it too often to not, you know?)

Technically, I have  . . .ahem, had . . . a cowl with this yarn. However, it was about 5 skeins of crochet super bulky yarn and I ended up frogging it, as who wants that much weight around their neck and shoulders? Well, if you do, cool, but I sure don’t. Part of the aforementioned cowl was turned in to this one. The rest I think will be mittens. To find the Grace Hat, please go here.

16″ 8mm circulars

Roughly One skein of Sutton (in West End) –

OR any Super Bulky (6), about 68 yds

I cast on 72. p2, k4 all around for 4-5 rows, and then p2, c4 one row. Repeat until

desired length, bind off.

Easy Fingerless Gloves

I have been struggling and experimenting with fingerless gloves for years, pretty much since I started my bi-craftual journey. Ergo, after so many years of experimenting, I think Stacy may have introduced me to my favorite pattern yet. I do not know wherein she found this pattern, or if she came up with it herself, but either way, it is highly forgiving.

Pattern – Using DPNs, cast on 13 stitches on 3 needles; for circulars, CO 39. Knit until the place you want to put in the thumb. Using a similar thread, but wholly different color, knit about 7 stitches, and then slip those back on to needle, knit as usual until it is preferred length. Bind off. Go back and take care of thumb. For the thumb, pick up stitches on both sides of the yarn place holder. Tease out said yarn placeholder. Knit in the round until preferred length.

Notes –

*I used Raven Ridge Yarns Deep Forest, I think a DK weight, DPNs were US size 5/ 3.75 mm.

*Pattern is for larger hands, though adjustments through yarn and needles.

*And because I was getting sick of the rolling, I crochet edging for the cuffs.

*Ntm the thumbs on these are knitted inside out. By the time I noticed what I was doing on the first one, I was getting ready to bind off, just said fuck it, and made its mate to match.

The thumb bit.

Done! TADA!