Project Updates

In my fervour to get ALL OF THE THINGS knitted for Yule and Christmas gifts, I have burnt myself out a wee bit with the knitting. Mostly. I WAS going to take time for me and knit me all of the things that I have been putting off, however, I resurrected the group a friend and I made and well. … there goes that idea.  I now have, from this year alone so far – 3 hats (plain bulky hat, purple newborn hat, Traveling hat), one scarf (Ginger Rib), one shawl (Day 1 of the 5 Days 5 Mini Shawls challenge I did), and the first glove in a pair of (SImple) fingerless gloves started . . .though not finished. The shawl and one of the hats are for me. XD

This is the Traveling Hat I am working on. I’ve gotten another repetition of rows done since this picture, but haven’t worked on it in weeks. Why? I keep getting wrapped up in an online game I play with my husband and some friends. . .and cross stitching. Right now I am working on this pattern.

Not pictured are the words “May” and “Devour”. I also started on “Last” right after I took this picture. So . . .. while I want to get back to my knitting, this is a nice break. I am also listening to the Southern Reach trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer while I stitch this – I find it not so oddly appropriate. While it isn’t in the Lovecraftian mythos, it has that kind of setting and vibe to it.  If you like Sci-Fi conspiracy things, I def recommend this trilogy (as I have listened to it so far, I’m only in the beginning of the second book). Or if podcasts are more your groove, still in the same vein, check out TANIS.


Autumn Blessings – Flour Sack Towel

So, in October I took a break from yarn for a weekend and made this flour sack towel –

I enjoyed the break, and want to make more (because presents). It was originally supposed to be a framed bit, but I liked the idea of making it into a flour sack towel even more. You can find the pattern and download it for free here. The download even includes DMC thread numbers, which I used as well. Honestly, the only different thing I did on purpose was the pumpkin top. In their version it is brown, but I though there was too little green.

VIKING! Headcovering – Scarf

A year-Ish ago, I whacked my hair off, thus starting The Great Headcover Search. I did some research, and came across the greatest treasure of all, a woman who had already done a great deal of research and posted it and her experiments on her blog. So I chose one and went with it, it being a VIKING! head scarf.

As there were no measurements, with some help I cut out about what we thought it should be, and I went from there. Using a hem folding method and a lot of pins, I tacked down the edging with a loose running stitch, and decorated the edging, and properly hemmed it with the herringbone stitch. As I had never done this stitch before, I had to look up directions, found here.

Also on this page/blog is the tacked herringbone stitch. There are two ways to do the tacked herringbone stitch, I chose the slightly simpler way, as I am pressed for time (as in the event I’ll be wearing this for is this coming Saturday – the Feast of Saint Valentine’s).

I had some difficulty with the corner, but got it straightened out. As you can see, I only crossed the stitch once, instead of twice. I think it turned out quite nicely, despite the slight crookedness of a new stitch.

Ornament Exchange

A friend invited me to her house for tree trimming party and ornament exchange. Being a crafty person, I think it’s a little silly to go and buy one when I can make one. However, being a crafty person near the Christmas/Yuletide present season, I am starting to feel the pressure of trying to get everything done in time. Ergo, simple, but pretty. (may also double as a cat toy and I’m okay with that)

Mini projects, updates & ideas

So, I finished the embroidery part of the Altoid tin needle case. Now, I just need to get myself to the store to get proper adhesive. Note – super glue is not proper adhesive. I learned this the hard way. (This time I asked some of my crafty friends and my Grandma – the winner is a spray-on thing).

 Remember the Guild project I was talking about? This is part of it. When it is done, it will be a bag.

I was inspired by this wee bitty Altoids tin for putting together a sewing kit for auction – like Kingdom travel fund, or for our local group.  I’ll embroider a bit for the top, like I am the larger one, bit this will be just needles. We’ll see what actually comes of this . . . later.

Mini projects – lucet. I have recently taught myself how to ‘properly’ lucet with two colors.  (before, I was just winding both around like you would one, and that isn’t quite as neat and coordinated as this is.) I have done lucet with one color on one side, and the other on the other side, but I like this better.

New Year! New Projects!

So, due to technical difficulties, namely my itty bity laptop all but going tits up, my posts had I had scheduled for Christmas did not happen. (I have commandeered my boyfriend’s for the time being – mwahahahaha) I do have a picture that was left on my camera though –

This is  a coffee coozy/mug hug I made for my Boss for Christmas. She really has a thing for pink and yellow. Like, I cannot tell you how much she likes pink and yellow and tasteful girly. I aced it.

New project  –

I am starting the Holly King. Due to it’s size and my tendency to squirrel, I think this project will take me a few years. Ergo, do not expect a lot to happen to this right now.When I am finally done with thi piece, I will frame it and put it on my alter, as a representation piece.

I am also working on covering a bunch of Altoids tins in embroidery, and either using as is, or gluing some thin magnets to the insides and tada! Needle case.