Autumn Blessings – Flour Sack Towel

So, in October I took a break from yarn for a weekend and made this flour sack towel –

I enjoyed the break, and want to make more (because presents). It was originally supposed to be a framed bit, but I liked the idea of making it into a flour sack towel even more. You can find the pattern and download it for free here. The download even includes DMC thread numbers, which I used as well. Honestly, the only different thing I did on purpose was the pumpkin top. In their version it is brown, but I though there was too little green.


VIKING! Headcovering – Scarf

A year-Ish ago, I whacked my hair off, thus starting The Great Headcover Search. I did some research, and came across the greatest treasure of all, a woman who had already done a great deal of research and posted it and her experiments on her blog. So I chose one and went with it, it being a VIKING! head scarf.

As there were no measurements, with some help I cut out about what we thought it should be, and I went from there. Using a hem folding method and a lot of pins, I tacked down the edging with a loose running stitch, and decorated the edging, and properly hemmed it with the herringbone stitch. As I had never done this stitch before, I had to look up directions, found here.

Also on this page/blog is the tacked herringbone stitch. There are two ways to do the tacked herringbone stitch, I chose the slightly simpler way, as I am pressed for time (as in the event I’ll be wearing this for is this coming Saturday – the Feast of Saint Valentine’s).

I had some difficulty with the corner, but got it straightened out. As you can see, I only crossed the stitch once, instead of twice. I think it turned out quite nicely, despite the slight crookedness of a new stitch.

Ornament Exchange

A friend invited me to her house for tree trimming party and ornament exchange. Being a crafty person, I think it’s a little silly to go and buy one when I can make one. However, being a crafty person near the Christmas/Yuletide present season, I am starting to feel the pressure of trying to get everything done in time. Ergo, simple, but pretty. (may also double as a cat toy and I’m okay with that)

Mini projects, updates & ideas

So, I finished the embroidery part of the Altoid tin needle case. Now, I just need to get myself to the store to get proper adhesive. Note – super glue is not proper adhesive. I learned this the hard way. (This time I asked some of my crafty friends and my Grandma – the winner is a spray-on thing).

 Remember the Guild project I was talking about? This is part of it. When it is done, it will be a bag.

I was inspired by this wee bitty Altoids tin for putting together a sewing kit for auction – like Kingdom travel fund, or for our local group.  I’ll embroider a bit for the top, like I am the larger one, bit this will be just needles. We’ll see what actually comes of this . . . later.

Mini projects – lucet. I have recently taught myself how to ‘properly’ lucet with two colors.  (before, I was just winding both around like you would one, and that isn’t quite as neat and coordinated as this is.) I have done lucet with one color on one side, and the other on the other side, but I like this better.

New Year! New Projects!

So, due to technical difficulties, namely my itty bity laptop all but going tits up, my posts had I had scheduled for Christmas did not happen. (I have commandeered my boyfriend’s for the time being – mwahahahaha) I do have a picture that was left on my camera though –

This is  a coffee coozy/mug hug I made for my Boss for Christmas. She really has a thing for pink and yellow. Like, I cannot tell you how much she likes pink and yellow and tasteful girly. I aced it.

New project  –

I am starting the Holly King. Due to it’s size and my tendency to squirrel, I think this project will take me a few years. Ergo, do not expect a lot to happen to this right now.When I am finally done with thi piece, I will frame it and put it on my alter, as a representation piece.

I am also working on covering a bunch of Altoids tins in embroidery, and either using as is, or gluing some thin magnets to the insides and tada! Needle case.