Ornament Exchange

A friend invited me to her house for tree trimming party and ornament exchange. Being a crafty person, I think it’s a little silly to go and buy one when I can make one. However, being a crafty person near the Christmas/Yuletide present season, I am starting to feel the pressure of trying to get everything done in time. Ergo, simple, but pretty. (may also double as a cat toy and I’m okay with that)


Fake Viking Brooches

Earlier this summer, for my Shire’s summer event, I went Viking!. (Because I could) However, Viking! brooches are a little out of my price range at the moment. What is a Viking! woman to do?

Raid Micheal’s.

No, seriously.

The pins, super glue, and pendants I bought at Micheal’s. The pendants come brooches were only $.99.

I may or may not have bought them out, as they came in both the gold above, and silver.

There was also squealing. Maybe.

So. Remember – thriftiness can lead to genius.

See? Awesomeness.