Graham Hat No.3 – Finished!

I like this one enough I might keep it for myself . . .or make another one. I seriously can’t get over the colors and sparkles.

So close, and yet so far . .

Like I said, I freaking love this yarn.

A brief modeling stint.

Ta da!


An Evening Stuck in Big Sky

Eric, Toby and I went to Big Sky for the Farmer’s market last night and got stuck up there when a semi full of decking materials had the misfortune of overturning. What made clean up even longer was the other semi hauling logs over turned about a quarter mile north from that. So, we ended up stuck in Big Sky for 5 hours. I got a lot of knitting done, just sayin’.

We drove around a bit after dinner to kill time. There

really isn’t a horrible view there. This is towards the Yellowstone Club.

This is where we rejoined the line, just at the turn off for

Lone Peak Brewing, where we had dinner.

Toby was exhausted. It is so rough being a dog.