Rainbow Hat

So, a while back I made a rainbow scarf for my friend, Jenn. I have finally gotten around to making her a rainbow hat, using a similar lacey eyelet pattern to what I used with her scarf.

The pattern I used is Hedgehog Fiber’s Jana’s Hat. Now, this obviously isn’t Hedgehog, but the weight of the rainbow yarn is close, the black yarn is a little heavier.


Cabled Cowl Inspired by Grace Hat in Sutton West End

I decided that since I have a hat, I needed a cowl to match it. (I wear it too often to not, you know?)

Technically, I have  . . .ahem, had . . . a cowl with this yarn. However, it was about 5 skeins of crochet super bulky yarn and I ended up frogging it, as who wants that much weight around their neck and shoulders? Well, if you do, cool, but I sure don’t. Part of the aforementioned cowl was turned in to this one. The rest I think will be mittens. To find the Grace Hat, please go here.

16″ 8mm circulars

Roughly One skein of Sutton (in West End) –

OR any Super Bulky (6), about 68 yds

I cast on 72. p2, k4 all around for 4-5 rows, and then p2, c4 one row. Repeat until

desired length, bind off.