All the Cables are Belong to Me

I started Twig Cowl by Tiny Owl Knits this last Saturday. Yarn Scout has had it on display for over a year, . .  and I have had the yarn to do it for just as long. As I now mostly get cabling, I decided to give it a go. Mind you, I tried to use the yarn for some crochet hood project . . . . needless to say, it got frogged.

I fucking love it! I have to stop every few rows and squish it. Above I am out for coffee with Stacy, who is knitting a bit for her husband out of the bison and bamboo she spun up.


Cabling Weekend

This weekend we went up to visit my parents outside of Great Falls, and on the way up I started Grace Hat by Brome Fields.  This is my first time cabling – right outside of Ulm too. 

And I frogged it. Mind you, it is only because the hat ended up being too small. So I have re-started it, and am almost done. For a 24″ head? Add in two more cable sets, at 6 stitches each, 12 stitches.


I learned a thing!

Easy Fingerless Gloves

I have been struggling and experimenting with fingerless gloves for years, pretty much since I started my bi-craftual journey. Ergo, after so many years of experimenting, I think Stacy may have introduced me to my favorite pattern yet. I do not know wherein she found this pattern, or if she came up with it herself, but either way, it is highly forgiving.

Pattern – Using DPNs, cast on 13 stitches on 3 needles; for circulars, CO 39. Knit until the place you want to put in the thumb. Using a similar thread, but wholly different color, knit about 7 stitches, and then slip those back on to needle, knit as usual until it is preferred length. Bind off. Go back and take care of thumb. For the thumb, pick up stitches on both sides of the yarn place holder. Tease out said yarn placeholder. Knit in the round until preferred length.

Notes –

*I used Raven Ridge Yarns Deep Forest, I think a DK weight, DPNs were US size 5/ 3.75 mm.

*Pattern is for larger hands, though adjustments through yarn and needles.

*And because I was getting sick of the rolling, I crochet edging for the cuffs.

*Ntm the thumbs on these are knitted inside out. By the time I noticed what I was doing on the first one, I was getting ready to bind off, just said fuck it, and made its mate to match.

The thumb bit.

Done! TADA!

Spindle and Roving

Today was a long, but fun day. It started with open knitting at Yarn Scout and moved on to Stix for the fiber show they were hosting. Kami Noyes of Ranching Tradition Fiber was there with roving, and yarn and it was awesome!  It was so awesome, that I ended up buying a roving and drop spindle kit she had on display.  

And LOOK! I did a thing! Courtesy of Stacey teaching me the basics. After about two hours, I needed to stop, though it was a lot of fun.