Graham in Ella Rae Seasons 0090

I like my brother’s hat so much I made my own! It’s just nice and simple and stretchy, and I like the texture. Ntm warm.

This time I ended up having MORE than enough yarn to finish the hat properly. Even had the correct size DPNs when I couldn’t decrease on my circulars any more. (crowd cheers) The needle collection groweth. ;p


Graham in Ella Rae Heathers Olive

To go with with the Linen Stripped Scarf I made for my brother, I made him a hat to sort of match. I used Graham by Jennifer Adams.

Changes – The yarn I used was NOT Worsted weight, it was DK. So, to get closer to gauge, I used two strands – two skeins. Also, I ended up making it a bit longer on the broken rib stitch than it calls for, and since I didn’t want to frog or tink all of that, I just jiggered the decreases a bit.


Project Peace KAL Day 2

Day 1 did not start out so well, if only because I am out of practice with gauging how much yarn I need for a long tailed cast on. The first time I MAY have cast on 200 stitches before I realized I would not have enough for all 318. Third time ended up being the charm. (crowd cheers) And then I did nothing with it until Open Knit last night, when I did nerve wracking first row. Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, the first row of ANY knitted project is  . . . not exactly nerve wrecking, but definitely tense, most especially after casting on over 300 stitches. I almost dropped four. After that? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. It was easy to drop down in to a semi-meditative state when I picked it up again at home.

Speaking of which – winter has finally come. Though it had only snowed maaaaybe an inch, roads around Bozeman where so slick that I was in 4lo and STILL sliding around. To be fair, this is my first winter drive with my new vehicle – and switching from a GeoMetro to a Dodge Durango is a BIG change. Note – I was highly impressed with how patient and considerate almost everyone was of everyone else.  That does not happen nearly as often as one would think.

This  morning, after reading The Healthy Knitter blog, I was started my rows for the day and reflected a bit about what she is blogging about. What does peace mean to me? What do I associate with peace?

Peace is what I am feeling right now. I am having coffee and watching the sun rise as I type, October and Rose Goblin curled up near me. Peace to me is that feeling of calm and happy stillness that overcomes me at times like this. I realized that I feel it more often than I had thought, but still want to evoke more often. Granted, sometimes my getting to this state is a little more . . . curse laden. Like this, and I do not think that will ever change.