Project Peace – a Knit a Long.

This is the Peace-a-Long I was talking about. You need about 450-550 yards of fingering weight yarn, and 3.25 or 3.5 mm 32″ circular needles. I have a 24″ 3.25, and I just picked up Juniper Moon Farm Herriot Fine, in a neutral light brown color.

For more information, here you go.


Scarf Updates

In light of the unexpected extra day off for Thanksgiving, I am working on the Linen Stitch Striped Scarf, the Not a Noro Scarf, and topping it off with chai. Maybe even Poldark or some such. I may even start the hat to go with the stripped scarf. Maybe.

Autumn Blessings – Flour Sack Towel

So, in October I took a break from yarn for a weekend and made this flour sack towel –

I enjoyed the break, and want to make more (because presents). It was originally supposed to be a framed bit, but I liked the idea of making it into a flour sack towel even more. You can find the pattern and download it for free here. The download even includes DMC thread numbers, which I used as well. Honestly, the only different thing I did on purpose was the pumpkin top. In their version it is brown, but I though there was too little green.

Stripped Linen Stitch Scarf

I used Ella Rae Classic & Classic Heather yarn to make these, in olive, off white, and black, and US 10, or 6mm needles.

CO 30

Knit (in linen stitch) 40 rows in olive.

Change to off white – the color change lasts 2 rows.

Knit 4 rows in off white.

Change color to black – the color change lasts 2 rows.

Knit 8 rows in black.

Change to off white – the color change lasts 2 rows.

Knit 4 rows in off white.

Change to olive – the color change lasts 2 rows.

Repeat until desired length.

I know some do not like the linen stitch because it is rather simple, but I really like how it looks woven on the front, and get all nubbly on the back. Ntm I have grown to like how it almost looks like some kind of faux Fair Isles when it changes colors. ( I really didn’t when I first started and almost frogged the whole thing to make something different, when the girls at the Saturday morning open knit I was at convinced me that it looked good.)

Morning Musings . . .

I went to the Thursday open knit night at Yarn Scout for the first time last night, and it was nice being able to knit with other women, and ask questions. Or, at least have the option to ask questions. We talked about doing a KAL that Kristine Campbell is putting out towards the end of the month, or maybe it is the beginning of December. From what I gathered, it would be a KAL where you would have the pattern before hand, knitting only 4 rows of pattern a day. However, you would receive an email every day on something you can do about peace in your life. I want to do this.

Another thing I want to do is give my Not A Noro scarf another try. I was inspired by the post over at Brooklyn Tweed to make a Noro scarf, only I couldn’t find any Noro I really wanted to use at the time, but I had a couple skeins of Painted Sky ready in my stash. I ended up frogging the whole thing due to curling. IF I had read the post more closely, I do not think I would have had the same issue, as they used a 1×1 ribbing that LOOKS like Stockinette, and I used Stockinette, thus curling.

So, here is to hopefully learning form one’s mistakes and giving it another go.