Chickadee Cowl in Araucania Mataquito

So, my sister-in-law reminded me last week of this yarn my husband bought me on a trip to Great Falls earlier this year. This is only significant because my husband actually bought the yarn, ergo he was in the store when my total was rung up for once. It wasn’t the most expense yarn in my stash, but it was awfully close, and to say he was shocked doesn’t exactly do it justice. Ahem, so . . .. I have finally decided what I am going to do with it.

I found this pattern on Ravelry, however, at the time, I had difficulties figuring out her directions. Here is a video on YouTube on how to do the Linen Stitch, though ignore the bit about how to do it when you are purling as in the pattern I linked, you do not purl.

I started this pattern with the recommended gauge for the yarn – 6.5mm, but that ended up being an extraordinarily tight weave and a little tight around as well. 24 inches fits over my head, but only just barely. Actually, I had to go and get needles for this as all I had were 8mm in 32 inch circular, and I did not want quite that large. However, since I could not wait until my favorite yarn shop was open, I settled for Micheal’s 29 inch  9mm circular. Not EXACTLY what I was looking for, but, oh well.

Obligatory yarn therapy and coffee picture. I WAS at

a coffee shop after all. ;P

A closer look at the cowl, note I am still early in progress.


5 Days 5 Shawls Days 3,4,&5

Sorry! Completely forgot to post the rest of the week! I squirreled over another project – no surprised, I am sure.

 Day 3. I kept missing this one yo, and frogging it until I

gave up and just went with it. In the end I only missed one yo,

right there to the right of the middle. Not a bad shawl.

Day 4. The only thing keeping my going on this shawl was

the encouragement from the Facebook group for the challenge.

It was the biggest pain in my ass. Note – use a smaller circular

needle to start. Or go to DPNs.

I really liked this one. Simple, sweet. I would totally

do this one again. Maybe with a variegated skein or two.

Intense Rainbow Shawl

So, for those of you who did the 5 days and 5 mini shawls challenge may recognize this one, as I am doing the first shawl of the week. Only with larger size needles and heavier weight yarn. I am using Crystal Palace Yarns, Chunky Mochi in 801 Intense Rainbow, 8mm circular needles.

I am completely enamored with the colorway! As it get bigger,

the colors do not blend nearly as awesomely as this first skein does,

but it is still cool.