Imprint of Autumn Scarf, Well, Cowl

This is a pattern I have started on other skeins of yarn, but have not finished yet. This skein, however, oh yeesss. Not enough to make a scarf, but cowl? Yes, we can do that.

Not that I can wear it now, It was over 90F here today. Yeah . . . no.

Super easy pattern. Mostly double stitch, with the leaves chain and single.

I found it here.


New Yarn Shop

Today we went to Great Falls, making a day of the Farmer’s Market, the CM Russel Museum, and maybe some shopping. Ergo, I FINALLY got up to Great Falls not on a holiday weekend or just a Sunday day trip, ergo, I FINALLY got to go to Pam’s Knit n’ Stitch. It is a good sized shop, with a healthy yarn selection, and some beading and quite a bit of cross stitch stuff as well. As we got in a bit late (half an hour before they close), we tried to be quick. In the end, I picked out a couple skeins of yarn, and a Card and Tablet weaving booklet.

This picture does not do the colors justice. At all.

Never heard of this yarn before. I like it.

And because I like it, well, it is not the most expense yarn I have purchased,

but it is close. Kind of.

It was 50 cents. Who can resist that?

Alpaca Your Wrap in Vista Update

Look at the colors! I think this wrap is turning out quite well, and can’t wait for it to be finished! Granted, it is already getting to be rather hot here, at least too hot for wraps, but by the time I have finished it should be closer to fall! (yay!) It also helps? Doesn’t help? That I had originally only bought one skein of the Wisdom Poems Sock yarn in Vista. . . because I was going to make . . . socks. {whistles} So, currently waiting on the skein I ordered earlier this week, as it should give me the about 800 yrds (ish) I need for the pattern. Since I am using a lighter weight AND smaller hook, I may get another skein anyways, depending on how the two work out. We’ll see.