Works in Progress, and Better Sock Experiments

Current sock experiment. I am using this pattern, and am having a lot of success with it. So far.I think I may just need to do cuff down (what I’m doing now) instead of toe up like the last great sock experiment.

After frogging this cowl-to-be a few times, I finally settled on a pattern. This is the first pattern I bought via Ravelry – Imprint of Autumn Scarf. Once you get the counting your stitches down, and using a chainless starting double crochet, you’re good to go.

Pattern I found at Yarn Scout – after it is blocked, you will see more of a lace pattern. Simple, but pretty. This will be for a friend.

Another simple but pretty pattern, another scarf I am making for a friend. This one I can actually post! All you do is cast on a multiple of 4. plus 2. Knit two. Knit one using the back of the loop, purl one. repeat until last two stitches, knit 2. Turn, repeat.


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