Failed Sock Experimentation and Other Things

Wow, has it been a busy year! Now that things have quieted down from the wedding, I feel I actually have time to blog again!

First up, I finally finished the Steelers chevron infinity scarf!

I started it last football season, but it fell by the wayside until this year. Thankfully, I was able to finish it in time to give it to my co-worker in time for her to wear it for some games.

Next, we have the mostly done super gay, ahem, rainbow cowl that isn’t a cowl yet.

Please note, I still need to block the crap outta it, Ntm attach the ends.

And last, but not least, failed sock experiments.

These were crochet from the toe up, and are honestly only a semi fail. Well, kind of. There are lumpy bits where I joined the heel, and it is really more of a slipper. Ish. It is quite saggy on my foot, amd my feet are not exactly small. So . . . . There will be my socks I wear over my socks because warmth.

I will be experimenting more on the sock front, btw, my friend, The Crochet Bohemian, is sending me her sock pattern. Yay!