New tools, Rainbow ALL THE THINGS, and Dish Clothes

It had been a busy couple of months at my home – more wedding preparations, work stepping up pace, and several commissions. So, a bit over a month ago, one of my friends discovered she was gay, and to show the world how happy she is about this she bought three skeins of rainbow yarn from Xray Ann. I am making her a knitted cowl, pattern here, and a hat and a pair of finger-less gloves. However, with the way the yarn is dyed and how small her hands are, I think I can only get all of one color and maybe a bit of the next per glove, so I may have to do for her gloves like I am doing for the Many Rainbow scarf and just use 6 skeins instead. Needles are bamboo.

One day at work while on my lunch break, I was working on the above knitted cowl. A co-worker happened by and thought that was a brilliant idea, as in his daughter is also gay, and he wants to give her all the rainbow things – but she really likes scarves. Ergo, here I am making her a shell stitch rainbow scarf. SO far I am in the middle of a second color repeat, but I may have to go for a third if I want to get the width I want. Also, aforementioned co-worker asked if I could make a similar scarf for his daughter’s girlfriend as well. Oh, and I am using Cascade Yarns, fingering weight, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.

For this scarf, chain a multiple of 6.

Single stitch first row.

Chain 3, and turn. This counts as your first double. Then, double stitch 2 more times in the same chain – should be the 4th chain form hook. Skip 2. In 3rd chain, single stitch. Skip 2. In 3rd chain, double stitch 5 times. Repeat until end of row. Last cluster, instead of doing 5 doubles, do 3.

Chain 1. Turn. Double stitch 5 times in the previous row’s single stitch, then single stitch in the 3rd double stitch of each cluster of 5 double crochet.

Rows will end in a single stitch and the clusters of three every other row – if your row ends with a cluster of 3, chain 1 and turn. If it ends with a single stitch, chain 3 and turn.

Bind off and weave in ends when done.

Btw – I have gone through my browsing history and cannot find the page where I found this pattern, so if anyone does find it, please comment with the link or send me a message so I can put it on here for proper credit.

 I have been on a dishcloth binge again, only this time instead of making my own patterns as I go, I found a pattern I really like – here. It seems a bit big and full of holes when you crochet it, but after it has been washed, it is just about perfect! I can make three dish cloths out of a Sugar n’ Cream Supersize roll, 4 oz. I actually just ordered a few skeins from Yarnspirations earlier this week for dishcloths.

The crochet hook I used is a Caspien 5mm hook I ordered from Knit Picks. I like it well enough – really dig the colors – however, there is no markings on it for size, unlike the knitting needle I bought at the same time (size 4.5mm). So, I would suggest somehow etching it on, or a permanent marker, or just buying the set and keeping them in marked holders? I have seen hook/needle gauges at Yarn Scout too, so that would also be a possibility.