VIKING! Headcovering – Scarf

A year-Ish ago, I whacked my hair off, thus starting The Great Headcover Search. I did some research, and came across the greatest treasure of all, a woman who had already done a great deal of research and posted it and her experiments on her blog. So I chose one and went with it, it being a VIKING! head scarf.

As there were no measurements, with some help I cut out about what we thought it should be, and I went from there. Using a hem folding method and a lot of pins, I tacked down the edging with a loose running stitch, and decorated the edging, and properly hemmed it with the herringbone stitch. As I had never done this stitch before, I had to look up directions, found here.

Also on this page/blog is the tacked herringbone stitch. There are two ways to do the tacked herringbone stitch, I chose the slightly simpler way, as I am pressed for time (as in the event I’ll be wearing this for is this coming Saturday – the Feast of Saint Valentine’s).

I had some difficulty with the corner, but got it straightened out. As you can see, I only crossed the stitch once, instead of twice. I think it turned out quite nicely, despite the slight crookedness of a new stitch.


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