Sunburst Granny Sqaure Blanket

I started on this blanket a month or so ago, and this is how far I have gotten so far. It is also on the gift list for this next Yule. BTW, I learned to do the Sunburst Granny Square here.


Small Yarn Raid

And by Raid, I mean I was in Yarn Scout for about two hours, shuffling my feet between the three color combinations I wanted to get, and the wall of 100% wool yarn in All of the colors. Eric came in with me and sat down off to the side of a group of women who were knitting, which surprised them. Their husbands would never come in with them, and would much rather just hand off the credit card. Eric likes coming in to socialize (even if he doesn’t do any talking), and I like him coming in so I can use him a color sounding board (he is extremely good at that, btw). Also, I’ve thought about coming to these knitting circles at Yarn Scout – they meet in the upstairs twice a week, Thursday evening and Saturday mornings, for a couple hours. Thing is, I do not knit very much any more, and when I do, they are complicated (to me) patterns that need all if my concentration or I fuck it up. . . . . So, I worked up the nerve to ask to group if they mind a person bringing crochet instead, and not a one did. So . . . .guess what I’m doing next Saturday morning? (happy dance)Now. Onto to really good stuff – my new yarns.


The three Red Heart Super Savers are obviously not from Yarn Scout, but they were bought today. I have a mind to make my future Daughter-in-Law a blanket, and think that a sunburst granny square blanket is what I’m going to do. The pink as the first two circles, green as the third, and the brown/mocha as the fourth – the one that makes it square.

The Ella Rae (dark green and the variegated green), and the Cascade Yarns are both going to be scarves. The Ella Rae a chevroned infinity scarf (I have a friend in mind for this one), and a straight chevron scarf for the Cascade Yarns yarns ( I do not have a person in mind for this one).

Middle Pull Yarn Ball

I don’t know about everyone else, but I find it rather convenient to have a pull from the middle ball of yarn. So, that’s what I did. I found this video, and tried it out for myself. At first I used a 19 mm knitting needle, as that was all I had, but that didn’t work all too well. To little. So I went and found an empty paper towel roll, and it was FABULOUS!

Also pictured is part of the second batch of mocha rounds for a blanket I’m working on.

VIKING! Headcovering – Scarf

A year-Ish ago, I whacked my hair off, thus starting The Great Headcover Search. I did some research, and came across the greatest treasure of all, a woman who had already done a great deal of research and posted it and her experiments on her blog. So I chose one and went with it, it being a VIKING! head scarf.

As there were no measurements, with some help I cut out about what we thought it should be, and I went from there. Using a hem folding method and a lot of pins, I tacked down the edging with a loose running stitch, and decorated the edging, and properly hemmed it with the herringbone stitch. As I had never done this stitch before, I had to look up directions, found here.

Also on this page/blog is the tacked herringbone stitch. There are two ways to do the tacked herringbone stitch, I chose the slightly simpler way, as I am pressed for time (as in the event I’ll be wearing this for is this coming Saturday – the Feast of Saint Valentine’s).

I had some difficulty with the corner, but got it straightened out. As you can see, I only crossed the stitch once, instead of twice. I think it turned out quite nicely, despite the slight crookedness of a new stitch.