Crochet Tulle Dish Scrubby Experiments

Around Christmas, while visiting my parents, we got to talking about useful crochet things around the house. Their favorite thing is the crochet dish scrubbis they get at the local farmers marker, but were not able to stock up on before it ended for the year. See where this is going? So here I am in Joann’s, toting around some tullle, and before the woman cutting it cuts it, (and some ¬†disscussion) she says, “you know, we have some already cut down to three inches and on a spool in the bridal section.” Sold. However, for future reference, while the pre-cut in the bridal secton is nice, it is too fine a mesh for scrubbies.

Anyways, last night I finally got around to experimenting  with the tulle. I used this video. It recommends that you use a size J hook (6mm). This is how small mine turned out using a size J hook.

Barely large enough to cover three fingers for scrubbing. Admittedly, I was stich ing it tighter than the video showed. So, to make it actually useable, it frogged the bitty wee one and used a larger hook, size K (6.5mm). It came out much better.

However, though this is a good size, most especially for people with smaller hands, mine are not especially small, so I went to an even larger hook. This time I used an size L? hook (8mm). PERFECT!

So. Tada! After I use the second spool of fine mesh tulle, I’love go back to Joann’s and just a couple yards of the larger mesh tulle, and see how that goes.