The “Mark”

During break at work, I was working on a pair of fingerless gloves, and someone asked me why I had that mark on my arm. Well, this is why. I’m making these without a concrete pattern, and need a marker to tell me how long I need them. Yes, I could have used a measuring tape, but I couldn’t find it.

It just made me giggle, as a few people asked what my tattoo was, and what it meant.

Maybe next time I’ll just tell them it’s a hooker thing, they wouldn’t understand.

Yarngasms . . ..

So, went on a small yarn crawl today. Hit up Yarn Scout and Stix, I got my yarn fix, and then some.

The green wool is going to be a Man Scarf. Blue and white Superwash somethingorother will be a pair of fingerless gloves. The blue set, cobweb wool and %100 linen, trim for the maroon of the same. The bamboo hook is to replace another hook. I my have been a little redneck with the first hook, and used it to open a cider, as it was metal and no bottle openers were to be found. May have.