In Which I Make a Tulip Tree Scarf

The creator of this pattern has requested that the pattern not be re-posted, but it can be linked back, found here.Top two pictures were were taken at work, whilst listening to bits of No Sleep podcast on breaks. They are also accurate for color.

 The skein grows ever smaller.

 And ever smaller, however, I’ve already tied off the scarf. What’s a woman to do?

Make a matching mug hug, of course!


The Most Autumn Yarn to Ever Autumn

So, I went around to every place that sold size 10 crochet thread, looking for dark brown cotton thread, and not finding it. I found size 3, but not 10. In my gr over this, Eric pointed out this yarn.

Is this not the most Autumn yarn to ever Autumn?! So what to I do? Make a coffee cup cozy.