The Toadstool Scarf in ‘Modern Lace’ (and Adventures in Wet Blocking)

So, this scarf took me only a couple days, but then, I was working on it quite a bit. The most difficult part? Finding a fraking pattern. So many of them that I found were absolutely gorgeous, but all to complicated for what I what to do with the yarn, or all too simple (or too lacy – I live in MONTANA people, I want a scarf, not a pretty bit of summer fluff). It wasn’t until someone pointed out the Lion Brand has a website with patterns did I find one (yes, I even scoured Ravelry). I went with the ‘Modern Lace Scarf‘ pattern. Simple enough pattern, but looks awesome! Something different for me – I haven’t used taking away and adding stitches much before, but I had the pattern memorized by the time I got through the brown in the first picture.

However, as you can see, I am clearly lacking something. Some weeks and researching later, I find out about wet blocking. So . . . . . . here I am, wet blocking on the back of the big couch. It covers it end to end.

And I used this –

I don’t think I needed to, but, better safe than screwed. And now we wait . . . . .


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