Crochet stitch markers

Also known as I was working on a project and got distracted making something I needed for said project.

I have this HUGE box of jewelry making stuff my G’ma gave me for Christmas a few years ago, and, well, .  . . . 2 hours later, I have a plethora of stitch markers. Some of which could double as earrings, actually. I am rather pleased with myself.


Crochet Market Bag

So, I made a small one of these as an experiment. It was too small. I could fit my pear and sprouts in it, but not much else. Ergo, I made a bigger one.

Though I have not taken it to the Farmer’s Market yet, I think it is big enough – it fits my summer jacket, a pair of pants, and my thick sweatshirt/fleece coat. Yep, big enough.

Pattern found here – the Mad Market Bag. I, being me, didn’t follow the pattern exactly, but it turned out rather well.