Crochet Doily – because I can

So . . I asked my boyfriend about what he thinks of my making little crocheted doilies/coasters and using them everywhere and he gave me such a “terrifying” look . . . . ¬†and oops, look what I did. {grins}

I used this pattern. I plan on making many of them and then setting them around the house. Granted, they will be gifted to a friend, eventually, but I want to get a rise out of him. {evil grin}


Crochet Dishcloth Explosion

Or this is what happens when I go up to the cabins for a week and be a putz about actually posting anything.

So, in my week up at the cabins, I made many dishcloths and scrubby things. Evidenced below.

All things made are variations of the ones above – yes, I had a lot of time on my hands, and yes, it was WONDERFUL. Also, I made a watermelon dishcloth from this pattern, because I’m contrary like that.