Hair Holder of Things & Yarn Problems

Does anyone stick their hooks in their hair when doing something else for a minute to not lose them? I do all the time. I often crochet on the bus to work (and by often I mean nearly every morning) and one day I put the hook in my bun. No one told me that I had forgot it in there until the end of the day.

So. Yesterday I was having trouble finding yarn. I had been to Jo-Ann’s. Nothing I was interested in. I went to Stix, plenty of yarn I wanted, but it was either to fine or out of my price range. Went to Micheal’s. SUCCESS! I found a multi-colored purple skein that happened to by sparkle-y. Now to make it into something . . . . . .

Oh, but at Stix I DID find the awesome bag pictured above. It’s maybe 6 in by 16 inches ,perfect size for a long skein and the project you happen to be working on. I was enthused. The embroidery on it had nothing to do with enthusiasm. Honest.


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