Hair Holder of Things & Yarn Problems

Does anyone stick their hooks in their hair when doing something else for a minute to not lose them? I do all the time. I often crochet on the bus to work (and by often I mean nearly every morning) and one day I put the hook in my bun. No one told me that I had forgot it in there until the end of the day.

So. Yesterday I was having trouble finding yarn. I had been to Jo-Ann’s. Nothing I was interested in. I went to Stix, plenty of yarn I wanted, but it was either to fine or out of my price range. Went to Micheal’s. SUCCESS! I found a multi-colored purple skein that happened to by sparkle-y. Now to make it into something . . . . . .

Oh, but at Stix I DID find the awesome bag pictured above. It’s maybe 6 in by 16 inches ,perfect size for a long skein and the project you happen to be working on. I was enthused. The embroidery on it had nothing to do with enthusiasm. Honest.


Crochet Hook & Ends Holder & a Gift Purse

So, the first two are the purse – I was going for spring/Hawaii, two of my Mom’s favorite things, as it is a Mother’s day gift for her.

Front bit is aprox. 21 stitches across, and  about 21 rows.

Back bit is aprox. 21 stitches across, and about 27 rows.

For the button hole – I counted stitches until I reached the middle, skipped two stitches, and added another row for stability.

The strappy thing is 5 stitches by who knows how many rows. I kind of really eyeballed everything, in all honesty.

Ergo, the second two are the crochet hook and odds & ends holder. I previously blogged, I took Joy’s pattern and improvised. This is how it turned out.

It is about 20 stitches, and rows were measured against the crochet hook I used – size H/5 mm – and made the flap to go over it by a few rows. Button hole done same as purse was. Fabric was hand stitched, only because I lacked a machine.

Oh, and I used the half double stitch.

Start, frog , & start again

So, this morning, my friend, Joy, posted the crochet hook holder she made so I could take inspiration from it and go off in my own direction. I was excited because YAY A THING! And promptly went to JoAnn’s and bought some do-dads.

See? Pretty.

I was particularly pleased with the buttons, despite how much they are. Ok, so they were not that much in the scheme of things, but growing up buttons were like, 25 cents, now they are upwards of $2.50.

Anyways. I digress. I start the crochet hook holder, and wow, is it ever fighting me. frog a bit here, frog a bit there . . . . .I get home and watch the youtube video I watched to learn the half double stitch . . . . and realize that I’ve been doing it completely wrong. <insert a ling cuss filled tirade> It took me hours to get where I was, and now I have to undo ALL of it.

Good point the first – It took me about 45 min to re-use all of the yarn I had frogged.

Good point the second – All the problems I had been having – tension, wonky rows and what not – are all fixed! <happy dance>