New Project – Needle Holder

So, sometime last year at fighter practice, someone was talking about how they took a used Altoids can and but thin magnets in the bottom and embroidered a bit and fitted it to the top and made it all pretty-fied. I thought this was a bloody genius idea (having many such tins myself) and decided to make one. That one failed. Miserably. Embroidery was nice, but the glue I used I will not use again for that purpose . . . . it was . . . . well, it was a first attempt. Yay learning experience? So . . . I have worked up the gumption to make another try. I am only on the embroidery right now, but here is what I have so far – 

The colors. Dark & light green – leaves,

 med bright blue – roses, dark teal & orange – fox/wolf, grey – moon.

Still in debate over the background, but leaning towards black.

The designs I finally settled on.

And what I have embroidered so far.