A Finished Thing and a Helping Thing

Today I am curled up on the couch, like yesterday, because oh yeah, I’m sick. AGAIN! Despite the gr I feel over having a plague, I am trying to look at the silver lining – more time to read and work on projects and drink tea. (because yay tea and this is what I usually do on my days off anyways) Here is the latest –

The Mountain Laurel Dishcloth. Found here.

Also, my furry pumpkin, (Louie), has also decided to join in on the sitting on the couch and doing things –

He sits right behind/on my shoulder, when he’s not trying to sit in my lap, ergo my knitting (yarn fluff on top of fat fluff makes the best sleeping spot ever).


Purse Thing

I’m really big on technical terms, honest. So, I had this idea the other day for a bag/purse/little fabric container or use in the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism).

I started off with the idea to make the lines a quarter inch apart . . . yeah, no.

The silver is where I corrected myself. Now half an inch.

Flap side.

F-side completely back stitched.

Pearl experimentation. I was going to put a pearl at every cross, again, no.

I think it would be too much, at least for my tastes, and decided this looked better.