In which I learn something new knitting

So. I’m working on a pair of wrist warmers for myself, when I know I did something wrong. I’m only on row 4. Brilliant, I know. I ended up going to Stix, a ‘bi-craftual’ shop a couple blocks from my house, and fixing it. I’m supposed to have 48 stitches, but after this row I had 43. Wtf? While I was doing the first bit right, she said, the second bit, where you knit one, yarn over, knit one – I was doing just that, only I’m supposed to use one stitch, ergo creating enough to make up for the 5 stitches I had lost. Also, learned that I have been wrapping my yarn wrong. When you put another stitch on, you go behind, then in front of the needle, I’ve been doing the opposite. So. Much yay.

Also got kuddos for teaching myself to knit thus far. {squeel}


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