Mesh Scarf/Shawl

If I can’t bring my yarn, I’m not going.

About halfway through the cake.

I picked up the pattern a couple years ago at this little yarn shop in Missoula, as some friends and I were up there for an antique thing we decided to check it out as well. I had bought some yarn to make a scarf like the display and had no idea how to do the mesh pattern. She happily told me what it was (and I finally found where I had written it down a week ago).

CO an even number.

Row 1 – k2, *yo, k2tog,* k2

Row 2 – knit

Row 3 – k3,*yo, k2tog,* k3

Row 4 – knit

Needle and how many you actually cast on is up to you. With the skein, I am using a 6mm circular, and I cast on 50, as I wanted something particularly light and airy and a bit wider, so I can wear it on summer evenings.


Fiber Fests, Gingers, and Sunshine

It was a weekend for fiber and sunshine here in the Big Sky state! Some friends and I went to Crazy Days in downtown Bozeman Friday afternoon and made out like bandits with yarn from Stix.

We then carpooled early Saturday morning over to just outside of Whitehall for the Copper K fiber festival. We got there early enough for a good parking spot and to enjoy strolling around the festival before it got too hot. If you noticed the trio of ladies wearing the big floppy hats with flowers, that was us. Stacy got to try out latch hook things, and both Stacy and Michelle got some spindles and roving. We then beat feet over to the farmer’s market there in Whitehall proper  – after a yard sale pit stop – to visit the Hutterite stall and then picnic in the park. Well, our picnic turned into an impromptu drop spinning lesson for Michelle, as Stacy and I convinced her to turn to the spinning side (not that we actually had to convince very hard).
As I had not, I worked on my sock. I will get this second one done . . . someday.
Today I want to say I am recovering, but I went and made a batch of Spiced Bourbon Peach Butter (link goes to my food blog) this morning, and now I am contemplating what I am going to be making from my haul of yarn from Friday, with The Rose Goblin graciously helping me show it off.
I know they are are going to be lightweight shawls, but what patterns am I going to use? Hello Ravelry, my old friend . . .

Project Updates

In my fervour to get ALL OF THE THINGS knitted for Yule and Christmas gifts, I have burnt myself out a wee bit with the knitting. Mostly. I WAS going to take time for me and knit me all of the things that I have been putting off, however, I resurrected the group a friend and I made and well. … there goes that idea.  I now have, from this year alone so far – 3 hats (plain bulky hat, purple newborn hat, Traveling hat), one scarf (Ginger Rib), one shawl (Day 1 of the 5 Days 5 Mini Shawls challenge I did), and the first glove in a pair of (SImple) fingerless gloves started . . .though not finished. The shawl and one of the hats are for me. XD

This is the Traveling Hat I am working on. I’ve gotten another repetition of rows done since this picture, but haven’t worked on it in weeks. Why? I keep getting wrapped up in an online game I play with my husband and some friends. . .and cross stitching. Right now I am working on this pattern.

Not pictured are the words “May” and “Devour”. I also started on “Last” right after I took this picture. So . . .. while I want to get back to my knitting, this is a nice break. I am also listening to the Southern Reach trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer while I stitch this – I find it not so oddly appropriate. While it isn’t in the Lovecraftian mythos, it has that kind of setting and vibe to it.  If you like Sci-Fi conspiracy things, I def recommend this trilogy (as I have listened to it so far, I’m only in the beginning of the second book). Or if podcasts are more your groove, still in the same vein, check out TANIS.

Autumn Fingerless Gloves – Finished!

I have had this yarn for 4 or so years, wanting to do something with it, but waiting until I had upped my skills in knitting enough to do it justice. While in the picture one is clearly not done, as I write this I assure you I am wearing both. 🙂

This pair of gloves was different from my first pair. This time I used a thinner yarn – fingering instead of DK, so I used smaller needles – 2.25 mm instead of 3.37, not to mention more stitches – 70 instead of 39. I also went for ribbing instead of stockinette with a crochet lace on the wrist side. On my next pair of gloves, I would like to keep the ribbing on the finger side – I like the stretchiness of the ribbing – and do something different with the wrist bind off. Maybe a picot bind off? I’ll keep all y’all posted.

Oh, and I used this bind off for the thumbs by The Spruce.

All of the Gifts . . .

That I remembered to take pictures of. Not pictured is a yellow stocking hat with Grumpy embroidered just above the ribbing, a dark brown and teal Jana’s hat, and two Antler hats like the one directly below – only one black, and the other green.

The Antler hat, yarn unknown.

First Frost Hat – Loops & Threads – Charcoal

Owl scarf (pattern my own) – Paton’s Classic Roving – Grey

Owl Hat – Paton’s Classic Roving – Grey

Cabled Head Band and Flower, based off of linked patterns – yarn unknown, though discontinued


Knitting Day/Snow Day . . . Same Thing

At least for me, though baking is definitely tossed in there as well – banana bread (planned) and peanut butter cookies (requested). Today I want to get my husband’s thick winter hat done, and also relish in the post-holidays knitting frenzy by working on a pair of fingerless gloves for me. Also, tea.

I will be posting about the presents made later . . . some time. Maybe even before the new year.

Intense Rainbow Shawl – Final

So, those of you who have been reading for a while may remember the Intense Rainbow Shawl I was making for a friend last year. If not . . here you go. Going through some old pics this morning I found the last pictures of the shawl – after I tried blocking, hint, it didn’t work, and after crocheting a border on it – that did work.

I *should* have known better, because acrylic-wool blend, but . . .

I am still in love with this colorway. I want to make something
for me out of this yarn.

Whoop! There it is!